Sights of the four seasons

The scenery of the Ryugon gardens changes with the seasons.
The natural beauty of the four seasons seems to greet our guests with the vibrant colors.

- Budding -

With the herald of melting snow in this season, the buds of the sleeping plants and trees begin to appear.
The large garden is alive with flowers, bringing color to our rooms.

- Greenery -

The bright sunlight and freshness of the flowing streams in summer highlight the verdant green of the gardens.
A walk around the shadows of the trees and the water allows one to feel a certain coolness amidst the heat of the season.

- Blazing Colors -

During this season, the mountains turn into shades of red and yellow, and the rice stalks bow their weighted heads.
Being blessed with nature, we turn our thoughts to the clear air up in the sky.

- Silence and Sleep -

The pure white of the landscape appears as a solemn world, where even sound sleeps.
The natural world of the sleeping mountains reminds of the coming spring amidst the deep snow.