This old house was moved to a spacious estate in Muikamachi.
The large garden displays all the colors of the four seasons.
Enjoy your visit to Ryugon, like a short trip.

The entrance and the Yucho no ma

It is said that in previous years a rised platform with in the entryway was placed at the front entrance on the authority of the samurai household.

This is the “Ochitsuki no Ma” (“Lobby”) where guests would rest in “Chumonzo” space of the early 1800s-era (Bunsei-era).

The large garden

The water around the verdant garden has ducks and colored carp.

Guests enjoy walking in the garden and in the forest on sunny days.

The Eight Baths

Two open-air baths, two private open-air baths, two inside baths, and two rock baths make for a total of eight baths to make you recover from fatigue during the trip. There are eight baths comprising baths for men and for women.

The En no Yu outdoor bath for women

Relaxation Room

This Japanese space with lots of atmosphere makes one forget the fast life of the city and makes time move more slowly. Dinner uses local sake and foods in season, and the local cuisine evokes those very seasons. These are accompanied by colorful dishes that please the eye and the tongue, and the “Healing Space Senri” will bring comfort to your soul and your skin through the lymphatictherapy.

The Omotenashi spirit: always with care and concern for our guests.

The meticulous concern and the omotenashi spirit, which are shown by the proprietress and staff greeting each guest, are the characteristics of Ryugon. We also have special access or entrances to accommodate guests in wheelchairs.