Enjoy the happiness of Yamakawa full of local colors

Each season we provide local ingredients from both the sea and the mountains.
Try our abundant local foods.

Seasonal cooking

With fish from the Uono River to the Koshihikari rice, our meals are overflowing with the savory scents of our area.

Dare you to avoid the Kaiseki-style cooking to enjoy the bounties from the Sea of Japan in local Echigo cooking that makes use of rich local ingredients such as ayu, rockfish, yamame, river trout, mushrooms, and wild vegetables.

During the evening, the aroma from the cooking waft through the corridors.
The red-hot charcoal in the fireplace is surrounded by river fish on skewers. This is the charcoal roasting for which Ryugon is famous.
Ayu is the fish of the summer season, while rockfish are found in October.
These are both caught in the clear waters of the Uono River that flows through our property.


Ryugon has various types of sake, from the local Uonuma breweries: Hakkaisan, Kakurei, and Takachiyo.
In addition, we have wine made in Niigata Prefecture. Do try some!

Ryugon’s Pot Room

At Ryugon, we cook the rice in a special iron pot. Since the heat is transferred throughout the pot, the rice turns fluffy and delicious, and is very evenly cooked. We don’t fret about the cooking time here; our only concern is that you enjoy the taste of the best fresh pot-cooked rice.

Ryugon Breakfasts

A key food at breakfast, served at Ryugon, is definitely the Koshihikari rice produced in southern Uonuma, which is cooked in our iron pot. Side dishes include southern Uonuma kirizai, fried eggs, salmon, and other foods typically found in a Japanese breakfast.

The heart of Japanese cooking is in the broth. At Ryugon, we are extremely particular about our broths, and every morning we use kelp from Rishri in Hokkaido and dried bonito from Makurazaki in Kagoshima to make our broth. We use Miso that has been aged for two years and made from local soy beans without any additives, warming the broth just prior to serving it, so that the flavor of the broth is not missed. Come and try it!

Ryugon Dinners

Ryugon’s greatest attraction is the food we serve, with carefully selected ingredients made within our prefecture.

The soy sauce is non-heat-treated soy sauce, which is made from marudaizu soy beans made in Niigata Prefecture, and being aged in the snow cavern. The salt is naturally made from the brine flowing in the Sasa River in Murakami, Niigata Prefecture.

Our beef is “Niigata Grade A5 Japanese Beef” aged in the snow cavern of the Hakkai Brewery. Aging our beef in this manner, increase its amino acids, making the beef more flavorful.

We always use fish in season and ones that are caught from the Sea of Japan. The most enjoyable part of Ryugon dinners is the charcoal-roasted river fish. These are yamame in spring, ayu in summer and autumn, and rockfish in winter. Roasting them over charcoal gives their skin a crispness, while maintaining softness and deliciousness inside.

Desserts are also handmade. Our pudding is made from the extract of sake brewed in Uonuma-sanzo, and other desserts are made using ingredients from Minami-Uonuma.