Niigata A5 Wagyu Beef In Dong Yong, we are specializing in "Niigata A5 Wagyu" at Yuka Brewery's snow room located in Minamiuonuma City. Increase the content of amino acids, you can enjoy the original flavor of meat.
Ryugon 's specialties "Standing Grilled Fish" At the hearthplace, we build charcoal and light it red. A river fish skewered around it surrounds it, and in the evening a fragrant scent will be on the corridor. Ayu, rocky fish, yamame, river trout and seasonal river fish baked deliciously with charcoal fire. From customers, it is popular as saying "I am delicious and eating all from head to tail for the first time." Please do not miss it.
Seasonal ingredients Please enjoy the rich local ingredients full of seasonal seasonal fruit, mountaineering and regional seasonal seasonal ingredients.
I also stick to soup stock, so I take soup from the first morning and try not to miss the flavor.


Private open-air baths for rent. Vivid shades of trees, pleasures of the seasons of different seasons.
Please enjoy the fantastic atmosphere from charter open-air bath.
Use time 1 time 40 minutes.
It is a reservation system and I will ask for your time at check-in.
"Yawaragi no Yu" bath in the large garden. This open-air bath in the large garden might be mistaken for the pond of a Japanese garden because of its beautiful appearance.
Warm your body while feeling the cool outside air against your skin.
"Madoka no Yu" large open-air bath When it is wrapped in silver deeply vividly when it is full of the fresh green, as for the scenery from eight baths including man and woman of Ryugon, there is taste in each in the four seasons. It is provoked from a large communal bath to an outdoor bath, a bath set in the cave in the at dusk that is morning by hot water, and how.
"Madoka no Yu" large open-air bath. The 46th Zen master Arai Sekiryu of the Soto School of Buddhism at Untoan named this “Madoka no Yu.” The large bath is about 231 square meters, and is “Dozo-dzukuri” a traditional one-story construction that has been handed down locally from previous generations.
Pelting hot water baths are also available.


”Noborikawa river Park” having a swim in a river, cycling I can enjoy river Park where branch, Noborikawa of the Uono River is along, a cycling course and willingly outdoor recreation. The clear stream Uono River, the flow to assume slush of Mt. Makihata a source are slow, and the depth of the water is shallow and can enjoy playing in the water in peace. I can taste the comfortable cool if I dip the foot into the slightly cold river water.
News of "moon-viewing party" I hold the moon-viewing party of the one-night stand this year on Friday, September 7. Please enjoy a night time of the emotional song concert - autumn of tune of good old song - Japan by a piano and a song.
A lot of visitors enjoyed in a plain-clothes person and a kimono have come.
Do you not enjoy a month together in the Japanese garden of 4,000 tsubos with the free drink at autumn night?
Opening 18:45 ...
Raising of the curtain from 19:00 to 21:00